Omar Kamal

Frontend Developer

Hey there, I'm Omar, Frontend Developer at the team!

I dove headfirst into the world of software development, gradually expanding my knowledge until I was navigating comfortably through both front and backend development.

Omar Kamal

I have hands-on experience with a multitude of programming languages and web technologies. I've studied engineering, and I soon realized that coding was more than just a profession, it was a passion.

I'm a huge fan of agile development methodologies and I can't get enough of continuous integration. Keeping up with the latest tech trends is my thing and it helps me bring fresh and innovative solutions to the table. The beauty of this job is that it isn't confined to a specific place.

I can code from a bustling city café, or from the comfort of my home, allowing me to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life.

But I'm not all about codes and tech.

In my free time, I enjoy exploring new hobbies and stepping outside to appreciate the great outdoors. Striking a balance between the digital and natural world keeps me grounded, and fuels my creativity at work. 

Now, I’m thrilled to bring my expertise and years of experience in full-stack development to this amazing team.

I look forward to creating digital solutions for our awesome clients and contributing to this fantastic community!

Do you have an idea? Let’s talk about it.

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