Viktor Tar

Full-Stack Developer

I'm Viktor, full-stack web developer here at TRAVLRD.

I was doing competitive programming when I was in high school, and I got my way slowly toward web development.

I've knowledge about a lot of different stacks, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, VueJS, and PHP.

Viktor Tar

I have a BSC in theoretical mathematics, but I quickly found out that this is not what I want to do.

Don't get me wrong I'm still absolutely in love with math however, the thought of having to work each day 8 hours in a small university office for minimal wage until the rest of my life wasn't as appealing as becoming a web developer so I can work remotely from wherever I want (e.g. I was living in Egypt for a while where my house was 50m from the crystal clear Red Sea) while earning a reasonable amount of money. So, when I've finished the university, Mate (TRAVLRD Founder) suggested that I could become a web developer if I wanted to.

I was doing competitive programming when I was in high school, so programming was really my thing, something - despite math - that I enjoy doing, and web development is also a kind of programming.

I ended up joining a company called WebOrigo where Mate was working as an Executive Assistant at that time. I've gained chunks of experience there and now I'm a mid-level full-stack developer, having years of experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, VueJS, and PHP.

I'm glad to be in the team to work with these amazing clients we have!

Do you have an idea? Let’s talk about it.

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