Mate Karolyi

Founder, Web Designer

I'm Mate, the founder of TRAVLRD.

I've been working as a web designer for 7 years now. I possess expertise in many different areas, including graphic design, web design, web development, SEO, and digital marketing.

I'm also an active jury of a prestigious web design award, the Top Design King.

Mate Karolyi

I've started out my web design career as a freelancer, competing in crowd sourcing where a bunch of designers go head-to-head to have the best design for the customer who gave out the tender. The winner takes all the money, the rest 10-50 designers are left with nothing.

In this competitive environment I managed to reach an expert level as a web designer.

After I got accepted to a web development company called WebOrigo, where I was first working as a design team lead. Didn't take long and I made my move inside the company to become the executive assistant.

There I got heaps of hands-on experience from a really close point of view on how to run a web development agency. After working there as an executive assistant for more than 1.5 years I finally made up my mind and decided to fully commit to my own agency - towards TRAVLRD.

Since we are doing here real high-quality work and having a lot of satisfied customers it is an extremely pleasant thing to do. I'll keep delivering the best quality work that I'm able to, ensuring that both us and our customers are having a great time working together.

Web Design became my lifestyle. Even in my free time, during many occasions I'm just browsing the newest award-winner websites. I'm also a jury for a prestigious web design award, called Top Design King (Mate Karolyi (

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