Fanni Karolyi

Sales Representative

Gladly meeting you here, I'm Fanni, your trusted Sales Representative at TRAVLRD.

I love the moment when our prospects are right at the doorstep of creating something remarkable with us, and they are not yet sure that they're gonna be in the best hands. We're almost strangers to one another, still we commit to a reasonably long relationship of mutual trust and cooperation. It's all about trust and clear, effective communication, and this is where we excel, translating your ideas into reality.

Fanni Karolyi

My previous role as an SEO Specialist at TRAVLRD allows me to oversee SEO projects too. What I love about that? The idea of enabling excellent products and services to reach their rightful audience. It's much like providing a chance at the main stage for a talented, yet undiscovered musician. It's a very versatile field and and I enjoy being constantly in tune with the latest  trends in Google algorithms, competitor analysis, and web design.

I obtained a Master's degree in Management and Leadership, preparing myself for the world of business. Yet, towards the end of my academic years I got fed up with sitting so much and staying in my home country, Hungary. The seeking for new horizons led me to Portugal where I embraced the role of a yoga instructor and personal trainer.

Covid-19 redefined the yoga landscape, prompting a shift from personal interactions to virtual connections - a transformation that introduced me to the immense potential of technology. I gradually started working as a Project Manager at a custom software development company, delving into programming languages, web design, SEO, and the intricate process of web development.

After about a year, I transitioned to TRAVLRD, initially focusing on SEO-related tasks. The joy on our clients' faces when they see the impact of our SEO optimization services is an unparalleled reward. Also, I love having the freedom to work in a flexible schedule - remotely.

Now, as a Sales Representative, I bring a holistic viewpoint to our services, integrating our core values, asking the critical questions, and maintaining a nurturing relationship with potential leads who may need a little more time to commit.

Do you have an idea? Let’s talk about it.

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