Fanni Karolyi

Sales & HR

Gladly meeting you here, I'm Fanni, Sales Representative at TRAVLRD. I'm also responsible for our recruitment and HR processes.

Fanni Karolyi

As a Sales Representative, I prepare the ground for new collaborations. It's like dating: both parties have to judge based on little information whether it makes sense to go forward together. I find it a delicate interplay of communication and psychology where the great classic, honesty is still the best strategy in the long term.

What I love most about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) projects is that our clients' outstanding products and services can reach the audience they deserve. It's a bit like giving a talented but undiscovered musician a chance to perform on the big stage. This field is very dynamic, and I enjoy staying up-to-date with Google’s algorithms, competitor analysis, and the latest trends in web design.

I earned my MSc in Management and Leadership, specializing in Human Resource- and Organizational Development, from Corvinus University of Budapest. I was also a member of the Rajk College for Advanced Studies, where I participated in intensive courses in business, economics, and social sciences. The HR specialization and yoga led me toward self-development and the world of movement, prompting me to pursue several certifications as a yoga instructor, PT and Life Coach in the following years.

The Covid-19 pandemic unveiled the vast opportunities in technology, web, and mobile applications for me, thus alongside my (online) yoga teaching and coaching, I gradually started working as an IT project manager at a custom software development company, getting acquainted with the complexities of web design, SEO, and web development.

I am also responsible for HR tasks, which present an exciting challenge. Recruiting in the IT field, a highly competitive segment of the global labour market, we need to find highly qualified professionals who fit into our company's flat, flexible, international yet familiar culture. The selection process is all about trust and clear, effective communication, and that's what we're good at. Additionally, I pose critical questions regarding our daily operations and facilitate team building activities.

Do you have an idea? Let’s talk about it.

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