Giorgi Vadachkoria

Full-Stack Developer

I'm Giorgi Vadachkoria, a Full Stack Developer from Kutaisi, Georgia, specializing in both web and mobile development. Known for my hardworking and detail-oriented approach, I thrive on solving logical problems and am always eager to tackle new challenges. My portfolio showcases my journey through personal projects, internships, and professional roles, reflecting my constant desire to learn and improve.

Giorgi Vadachkoria

I am a passionate Full Stack Developer with a focus on web and mobile technologies. My career is a testament to my hardworking ethos, creative problem-solving, and team-oriented mindset.

Since beginning my professional journey, I've engaged in various projects, honing my skills in frontend and backend development, design, optimization, and testing. My education in Business Administration and technical expertise across a wide range of tools and languages, including JavaScript, React, Next.js, and AWS, empower me to deliver comprehensive digital solutions.

My portfolio, featuring projects like a Realtime Poker Game Application and a Dating App, showcases my capability to build complex applications from the ground up. As I continue to embrace new technologies and challenges, my ultimate goal remains to contribute meaningfully to my team and projects at TRAVLRD.

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