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Through in-depth SEO strategies and website redesign, Pipebooster experienced a significant increase in online visibility and user engagement, solidifying their authority in job tracking services.

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Client Overview

Pipebooster, a specialized SaaS platform known for its job tracking and CRM data enrichment services, partnered with us for an extensive enhancement of their online presence and user experience.

Project Objectives and Challenges

Advanced SEO Optimization

Pipebooster needed a significant boost in their online visibility, targeting specific niche markets related to job tracking.

Website Redesign for Improved Conversion

Alongside SEO, the project also aimed to redesign the website’s home page to enhance conversion rates effectively.

Our Strategic Solutions

Extensive SEO Campaigns

We embarked on a comprehensive SEO campaign, including the creation of over 50 blog articles and more than 30 high-value guest posts on authoritative sites, such as Skillshare or Patch.com.

Detailed Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

Our team conducted an in-depth analysis of over 10,000 potential keywords across more than 20 keyword groups. This extensive research was pivotal in formulating a robust SEO strategy.

Creation of a Topical Authority Map

Based on our thorough keyword research, we developed a detailed topical authority map. This strategic planning was instrumental in achieving topical authority in strategically chosen subjects, leading to enhanced search engine rankings.

TRAVLRD's Trustpilot Review from Pipebooster
Topical Authority Map

Website Redesign and Technical Execution

Home Page Redesign

Utilizing Figma for design and Webflow for development, we transformed the home page with an engaging video section, client testimonials, and informative content, all aimed at increasing user engagement and conversion rates. We also recorded and edited the video for them, which you can see on their home page.

Impact and Results

Significant Increase in Web Traffic

Our targeted SEO efforts led to an impressive increase of approximately 500 additional monthly visitors within two months.

Achieving Top Rankings

The SEO work resulted in Pipebooster ranking in the top ten for multiple relevant keywords, a testament to the effectiveness of our tailored SEO strategies.

Client Satisfaction and Feedback

Positive Client Response

The client was highly satisfied with the outcomes, as evidenced by their appreciative review on Trustpilot.

TRAVLRD's Trustpilot Review from Pipebooster
TRAVLRD's Trustpilot Review from Pipebooster


Through our comprehensive approach, including extensive keyword research, competitor analysis, and strategic content creation, we not only improved Pipebooster's online visibility but also set a solid foundation for their continued digital success in a highly specialized niche.

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