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We transformed Verdatherm's vision into a dynamic Webflow website, enriching their workforce management platform with engaging animations, interactive features, and a responsive design.

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Client Overview

Verdatherm, a Germany-based workforce management company, operates at the nexus of connecting blue-collar workers with employers in need of skilled labor across various industries such as air conditioning, mechanics, plumbing, hygiene, heating, and ventilation. With operations spread across four cities in Germany, Verdatherm sought to enhance its digital footprint with a website that embodies its dynamic services and facilitates connections between companies and potential employees.

Project Objectives

The client approached us with a meticulously designed Figma design, aiming to transform this vision into a live, functional website. The primary objectives were to:

  • Develop a responsive, animation-rich website that effectively communicates Verdatherm's services and value proposition.
  • Implement an interactive platform to serve both employers and job seekers via multiple forms.

Solutions Provided

Opting for Webflow for its flexibility in creating responsive designs and enabling sophisticated animations, we brought the client’s vision to life. The website features:

  • Engaging 3D Card Animations: Enhancing user engagement with visually captivating elements.
  • Interactive Map: A user-friendly tool to visually represent Verdatherm’s widespread operations.
  • Versatile Carousels: Mouse and touch-responsive carousels showcasing various services and opportunities.
  • Dedicated Forms: Tailored forms for partners and job seekers, simplifying the process of expressing interest or applying for opportunities.
  • Responsive Design: Ensuring the website delivers a seamless experience across all devices, particularly on mobile platforms.
  • Content-Rich Blog: A section dedicated to SEO-friendly articles that position Verdatherm as a thought leader in its field.

Technical Execution

The development process involved translating the client's Figma design into a Webflow website, focusing on responsiveness and interactivity. Special attention was given to animations and forms, requiring precise customization to meet the specific needs of Verdatherm's diverse audience. Through collaborative efforts and iterative feedback, the project culminated in a site that not only meets but exceeds client expectations.

Results and Impact

Verdatherm's new website has significantly bolstered its online presence, offering an intuitive platform for both companies in need of workers and individuals seeking employment. The client expressed immense satisfaction with the outcome, praising us for our professionalism and the quality of the delivered product. This project has set a new benchmark for Verdatherm’s digital engagement, promising to be a pivotal tool in their ongoing growth and success in workforce management.

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