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The transformative development of Persuva led to a streamlined user experience and advanced content generation features, culminating in the client successfully securing venture capital funding.

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Client Overview and Project Inception

Originally named Copywise, Persuva started as an Ireland-based project focused on automating sales copy creation for advertisements. When Peter, the client, approached us, the platform had already attracted over 700 users but required substantial enhancements to realize its full potential. Our mission was to transform and scale this project beyond its original scope, aiming for a comprehensive content generation platform.

Challenges and Strategic Approach

Transition to Custom Code

The initial no-code/low-code system built using WeWeb and Supabase was functional yet limited. We identified the need for custom coding to incorporate the advanced functionalities Peter envisioned. This marked a significant shift from the original framework, setting the stage for a more robust and scalable system.

Complete System Redesign

Analyzing the existing user flow revealed inefficiencies and complexities. We reduced the user steps significantly, from 36 to a streamlined 5, enhancing user experience and system efficiency.

User flow analysis - Copywise
User flow analysis - Copywise

Technical Execution and Innovations

Advanced Development Stack

To create the web application, we utilized Next.js for both front-end and back-end development, coupled with Supabase for database management. This modern tech stack allowed us to build a full-featured, scalable platform. The external pages of the website were built using Webflow.

Simultaneous Design and Development

Given the project's tight timelines, we adopted an agile approach, designing in Figma and developing in Webflow and/or Next.js concurrently. This strategy enabled us to rapidly iterate and deploy features.

Persuva Figma design screens
Persuva Figma design screens

Dynamic Content Generation Features

Persuva offers various content types tailored to different audience awareness stages. Users can generate standalone pieces, frameworks, and short video scripts, each customizable to their specific needs.

Comprehensive and User-Friendly Interface

Inspired by Notion’s sleek design, the system includes an intuitive dashboard, workspace organization, project and product categorization, and a host of user-centric features.

Enhancing User Engagement and Management

Diverse Subscription Tiers

Users have access to different subscription plans, each offering varying amounts of generation credits. This structure provides flexibility and caters to diverse user needs.

Affiliate and Audience Generation Tools

The platform includes an affiliate program and an AI-driven audience generation tool, providing in-depth audience insights like pain points, desires, aspirations, and behavioral patterns.

Exclusive Strategy Hub and Knowledge Base

Persuva’s strategy hub offers exclusive e-books, a knowledge hub, and daily updates, ensuring users have access to the latest marketing insights and strategies.

Design Aspects and User Experience

Revamped Aesthetic and Functionality

The transition from a dark-themed design to a light-themed layout marked a significant aesthetic shift. The new design, with about 100 pages, includes a blog, knowledge base, case studies, and more, continually expanding with fresh content.

Copywise (old) design of the project list
Copywise (old) design of the project list
Persuva (new) design of the projects view
Persuva (new) design of the projects view

Interactive Elements and Parallax Effects

The website features engaging animations and parallax effects, adding depth and interactivity to the user experience. High-quality images and custom elements reflect the brand's unique identity.

Project Outcomes and Client Feedback

Rapid MVP Development

In just five weeks, we delivered an MVP that exceeded the original system's capabilities, demonstrating our efficiency and technical expertise.

Client Satisfaction

Peter's satisfaction with our work was evident, as reflected in his positive Trustpilot review, praising the advancements and improvements we brought to the platform.

Persuva's Trustpilot review
Persuva's Trustpilot review

Securing Venture Capital Funding

A significant testament to the success of our collaborative efforts with Persuva is the client’s achievement in securing venture capital funding. This milestone is a direct result of the enhanced platform and functionalities we developed, showcasing the project's potential to make a notable impact in the market. The infusion of venture capital not only validates the project's viability but also sets the stage for Persuva to make a substantial imprint in the content generation and marketing sphere. With this financial backing, Persuva is well-positioned to realize its market ambitions and expand its influence in the industry.


Our work with Persuva illustrates prowess in transforming ambitious concepts into reality. By meticulously redesigning the user experience, employing cutting-edge technology, and delivering a comprehensive and intuitive content generation platform, we showcased our commitment to innovation, technical proficiency, and client satisfaction.

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