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G-Script transforms scriptwriting within Google Docs through an innovative browser extension and web app, with seamless formatting, AI writing, real-time collaboration, and multi-language support for screenwriters worldwide.

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Client Overview

G-Script, spearheaded by a screenwriter and his team in Germany, addresses the inefficiencies in traditional scriptwriting tools. Aimed at transforming Google Docs into a professional screenwriting editor, G-Script combines the flexibility of a web application with a browser extension to provide an unmatched scriptwriting experience.

Project Evolution

The journey of G-Script unfolded in three major iterations over a year, evolving from an initial concept focused on enhancing Google Docs for screenwriting to a robust SaaS platform equipped with a unique browser extension. Each iteration brought us closer to solving the core problem: making script sharing and feedback more seamless for screenwriters.

  1. First Iteration: The challenge was integrating screenwriting functionalities directly into Google Docs, which faced limitations due to the platform's constraints.
  2. Second Iteration: We experimented with a standalone web application, aiming to combine the benefits of a scriptwriting tool with the convenience of Google Docs exports. However, we encountered limitations in offering a fully integrated Google Docs experience.
  3. Third Iteration (Final Solution): The breakthrough came with developing a web application and a browser extension. This version overlays a professional scriptwriting editor on Google Docs, marrying the ease of Google Docs with advanced screenwriting functionalities. Features include industry-standard formatting, dynamic and static variables, AI-enhanced writing tools, and real-time synchronization with Google Docs.

Innovative Web Design

Central to the project was the creation of an intuitive and visually engaging web design. Designed meticulously in Figma and then brought to life in Webflow, the website serves as the gateway to the G-Script application, reflecting the unique blend of functionality and aesthetics that defines the platform. The design prioritizes ease of use while incorporating the vibrant identity of G-Script, ensuring screenwriters can navigate the platform effortlessly.

G-Script Figma Design Sample

Technical Execution

Utilizing Next.js for the frontend and backend development, alongside Supabase for database management, we crafted a scalable SaaS platform and an admin panel to manage its users, admins, and view usage-related statistics. This final iteration offers a seamless two-way synchronization between the G-Script editor and Google Docs, ensuring that any changes made in one are instantly reflected in the other. Moreover, we established separate development and production environments, guaranteeing a safe space for future enhancements without compromising the user experience.

Outcomes and Impact

G-Script has redefined scriptwriting by eliminating the barriers to sharing and receiving feedback on scripts. With its launch on major browser stores, screenwriters now have a powerful tool that integrates seamlessly with Google Docs, supports real-time collaboration, and offers advanced screenwriting features accessible from any browser. The platform's ability to switch languages, including Arabic, extends its reach and utility across global markets.

Client Satisfaction

The client's satisfaction with the project was reflected in a glowing Trustpilot review, praising our innovative solution to a longstanding challenge in the scriptwriting community.

G-Script Trustpilot Review

G-Script's successful transition from concept to market-ready product showcases our commitment to delivering software solutions that meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

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