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Board Meeting's surf spot finder app achieved remarkable client satisfaction, earning high praise in a Trustpilot review for its innovative and user-friendly design.

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Client Overview

Board Meeting approached us with an innovative idea: to create a web and mobile application serving as a surf spot finder for kite surfers across Europe. The project's ambition was to provide a user-friendly platform for surf enthusiasts to discover surf spots and relevant local services like hotels, restaurants, and surf shops.

Project Objectives and Solutions

End-to-End Service Delivery

We provided a full spectrum of services, including web design, custom software development, and ongoing operation and development of the application.

Board Meeting's Admin Panel Figma Design
Board Meeting's Admin Panel Figma Design

Comprehensive Platform Development

The project included a web application, an admin panel for management, and mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms.

Technical Execution and Features

Design and Development Tools

The web application and admin panel were designed in Figma. The web application was built using React, MySQL, and Node.js.

Efficient Mobile App Conversion

We used Capacitor JS to convert the web app into cross-platform mobile applications, maintaining a single codebase for cost-effective maintenance and development.

Responsive Web Application

The application features a responsive design with seamless performance across devices.

Google Maps Integration

A custom Google Maps integration, utilizing the Maps and Places APIs, allows users to find surf spots and other points of interest with custom markers and clustering for a clean visual experience.

Innovative Features

Surf Spot Identification and Sharing

Users can view surf spots with images, descriptions, and associated sponsors. The app enables easy sharing of spots to social media or via direct links. With also just a click of a button, users can start their navigation to the certain spot.

Sponsor Integration

Each surf spot features relevant sponsors, offering users additional value and context for their surfing expeditions.

Project Lifecycle and Results

Rapid Development Cycle

The entire project lifecycle, including system requirements specification, design, development, testing, and modifications, was completed in just two months.

Functional and Engaging App

The final product is a dynamic surf spot finder app, enriched with features that cater to the specific needs of kite surfers and surf enthusiasts.

Client Satisfaction and Recognition

Exceptional Client Feedback

The client expressed high satisfaction with the final product, which was reflected in a glowing review on Trustpilot. This positive feedback underscores the success of our collaborative efforts and the quality of work we delivered.

TRAVLRD's Trustpilot Review by Board Meeting
TRAVLRD's Trustpilot Review by Board Meeting


This project not only enhances the surfing community's experience but also sets a new standard in niche app development.

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