September 30, 2022
Mate Karolyi

How to make websites with cool backgrounds

Currently, patterns are everywhere. You can usually find these in excellent packaging in various fantastic magazines and printed on beautifully lined sheets of fabrics - i.e. on paper.

Websites with background images, that you must see

Warszawski UL

Warszawski UL website home page image

Warszawski UL is an interactive Web site that employs scroll animations with big background photographs to keep visitors' interest. All photos show an inside look into the serviced office.

The best is the contrast colors of all the background images that the slider shows in order to match the color used for the logo and other design elements and thus improve overall designs aesthetically. This website provides a comprehensive listing of images.

The website contains a hero-like icon which is activated when a user hovers over a word relating to services provided by a specific company.


Léonard agency website

The Léonards Inventive Agency website has an interesting gradient. The warm colors in the upper part attract subtle attention to the logos and navigation. Find some useful information about neomorphism and how its advantages are viewed by other practitioners in this field.


FlipaClip website home page image

Flipalip chose to remain minimalistic with its website. Consequently, all the menus of the navigational site are unique and the user's attention is drawn to them. As you scroll, stunning graphics reveal your products' glory as they unfold.


Jons Bones website home page image

JonsBones, a manufacturer of responsibly crafted bones for medical research, is well versed in ensuring that website background colors are consistent with each other. Smooth, unobtrusive, and shaded portions provide good contrast.

Superlist website

Superlist is an excellent example of strong, solid website background. Superlist chooses a textured background and manages to keep the visually-rich background clean without losing these elements.

For the Love of Bread

For the Love of Bread website

In love with bread is an excellent example of a video web background. It captures attention with brilliant clarity, and most importantly, you can pause and play background videos when you prefer.

Frans Hulet

Frans Hulet's website

Frans Hulet's Portfolio website has a slightly different gradient. Different screens contrast sharply with a lighter part highlighting his humorous paraphenomenal text.


Coreshare website hero

CoreShare website is comprised of jazzy, looped animated graphics capturing users' interest but they are not distracted by its primary mission statement and CTAs.

Basic concepts for website backgrounds

It's imperative that websites have a good user experience. It brings design and user interaction together in the right way. Done wrongly can disorient people and affect the overall content of the site.

Full-body website backgrounds

The website background should be fully rounded to create a powerful user experience. When done properly, these pages add great functionality. However, successfully applying this is a matter of balanced and precise planning. Hence, keep a watch out for color - always use bright colors. Full-body backgrounds can also include full images, gradients, and solid color blocks, as well as graphic elements.

Another method to make sure your website background has the desired effect, in the long run, is by adding highlights to different pages that increase visibility as a whole. Newlytic Highlighting is a line of pixel-length thin lines.

Website headers Background

It is great to have a header-oriented web design that displays your brand. This is an excellent place to utilize attention-grabbing items like bright colors and illustrated artwork since this will not detract users from this content.

Please do not overload the header with graphics. Refuse using large images in the graphics. Use lots of negative space in which the images are breathable. It is recommended that you separate the graphic background for headers from all the pages. It can also be done in the form of separators which give an extra visual impact.

Full-body images

If you are looking to use a picture as a background for a full-page website you must use a high-quality photo that should have 900 or higher density. JPEG is your best option for your background photos. SVG is your friend for pictures that require scaling or resizing.

However, this list is some crucial information when deciding on a full-body photograph. Those factors include weight and acceleration. If you have high-quality photos you should compress them so they won't be a distraction for your website.

Graphic background

Graphic background usually comprises full website background images or videos and semi-transparency background material. Graphic backgrounds can help you convey a visual narrative to your customers, but ensure they do not distract from the main content of the page as it should match the feel.

Video backgrounds

Website video backgrounds provide some interesting interactivity. They make good marketing material. Generally, you can see these sites on luxury brands, travel agencies, and hotels.

However, when designing the backdrop for a content-heavy website, it is advisable not to use videos. The background videos are heavy files which could slow the website down. Often designers prefer to use 960p at 24-25 frames/seconds.

Blog-style layout

Some websites have plain web backgrounds and plenty more white space and text displayed above with fewer lines to distinguish text from the background. Most blogs opt for traditional body backgrounds and layered content backgrounds. A body background with one-page background layers of content.

Background images for web pages

You must have some basic knowledge of a website's background before you can begin searching for an attractive image. Website backgrounds can be two different kinds: body background or content background.

The body background covers the full screen. It is possible for images to be created as graphic illustrations, single color gradients, or textures. Content backgrounds surround text, images, and other content and are often layers that are added over body backgrounds.

Here are some platforms that are worth your time if you are looking for backgrounds for your websites:


Pixabay website

Pixabay provides an incredibly wide collection of free photos to enhance your website background. For example, a beautiful array of natural pictures is available. The pictures can be used freely but linking back to the original photographer will definitely help the photographer gain publicity — even though that doesn't have the need.

You'll surely find amazing photographs here that would make perfect background images for heroes. Also, it is free to use.


Unsplash website design

For breathtaking background images to be added to your site please take advantage of the amazing images offered by Unsplash. Unsplash's photographic portfolio consists of photos of mountains, sky, nighttime sunsets, and close-up photographs of beautiful flowers.

This image is entirely free and a link back to the original photographer is a great source to promote it, though not necessary. It's very easy for websites to include images on them. It is a good idea to add a picture unsplash with your logo colors to create a cool duo effect. Just like Pixabay, it is also free to use.

Cool backgrounds

Cool Backgrounds website

You are allowed here to make a background image for your website with a few unique designs. The gradients feature topology background images along with several interesting constellation background images. You can also add a special theme to your designs that allow you to modify background colors or design colors, which gives you really good results!

The background designs I prefer would however be more varied, only 4 are available and there are also very few themes. Therefore I have moved to other software for generating the background as the options are limited on these websites.

Web Gradients

Web Gradients website hero area

Web Gradient offers an amazingly large collection of blended gradients that you can use as the background image. If a gradient is desired at the same time this software is amazing. It allows viewing many gradients simultaneously.

The gradients range from subtle blends to bold and tropical blends, so have a careful look at the gradients to find out which ones suit your website. My favorite blends include "Spring Warmth" and "Near Moon", a delicate but lovely blend!

Technical advice for your background images

Use muted colors on busy patterns

The design of a site must also support functionality and make the accessibility of information easier. Busy patterns can be overwhelming and make a user's task difficult to find. Use the same color scheme as VOTDTV and muted background patterns.

If you have some pictures to inspire yourself upload these images to our color palette generator. Alternatively, the palettes can be picked up by selecting the available colors.

Responsiveness and usability in website backgrounds

Usability must always be sacrificed to protect the website's background. Therefore, make sure your designs are responsive and carry an identical experience across every device. You should instead use video backgrounds for mobile sites.

It's because mobile web browsers are generally slower than desktop versions of web browsers, according to a report by Google, 56% of mobiles take 1-2 seconds to view. Oh no. You'll need to use Javascript and CSS to hide video after mobile breakpoints for this reason.

Use letterforms as design elements

Matt Luckhurst Matt Luckhurst designed the perfect pattern using the letters of his name as well as other cool design ideas. Usually, when thinking of a pattern, we tend to forget how valuable a letterform is and how it can benefit a designer. If you're having a tough time understanding how cool elements are going to shape a pattern, then look in the alphabet.

Use animation loops

Jam3. It really is a good thing to look out for. Jam3 offers an amazing triangle design. Moving a mouse will interfere with the movement, and then they return in their original form to their original configuration. When the letters are positioned at a certain angle, the letters may collapse. It's really nice.

Use variations of the same shape

Acorns There is no need for a variety to create an interesting pattern. Choose a simple shape and build patterns by adding variations. Is that true? Go to the Acorn website and find out about the story of it. Their design is a fascinating triangle pattern with variations in size as well as color.

Use photorealistic elements to build your patterns

HiRes is an agency in London creating outrageously sexy works. Visit this site to see what they have accomplished and how they have received many awards. Notice that these designers have designed patterns using photorealistic elements like bubbles that vary in different pieces. It's really nice.

Animate your pattern

Google Ventures Animation is becoming a big trend in UIs and website development. Rich animation is the hallmark of high-end websites. Make an animated background pattern. You may get a stunning result similar to that from Google Ventures'Year In Review website.

Animate your patterns and your website backgrounds will be much more interesting.

Choose black & white only

Echo Several interesting pattern designs I saw only use Black & White like the Echo logo on his website. Are you skeptical? Please see the Tessellation of Mr. Escher. You can discover many mind blowing examples created exclusively in black & white.

Alternatively, feel free to check out our website, which is also a great example of black and white. We've also managed to win a few design awards with our site, so rest assured, that as a web design agency we know what we are talking about.

Use big elements

XOXO website

The site XOXO Fest features a background design that consists of circles and lines that can be changed with each new refresh. Aside from transparency, this style also uses beautifully designed typography to create an attractive and fresh look.

Add movement to your pattern

Sourisseaux Partners The Sourisseaux partners' patterns move as you move your mouse around. It is not heavy and drastic but a little to get you interested in it. The idea of creating an interactive site can also be very fun for the designer.

Turn your pattern into part of the user interface

Sam Skinner Sam Skinner uses cool icon sets to create patterns for viewing. Simply hover on a symbol, and the lines will be drawn on either side. It is quite hard if you want it to be written in words then go to the site. That's awesome, right?

Design a pattern using linework only

A letter of thanks. Some designers often forget how beautiful simple lines are. See the letters of Letters, Ltd's complicated patterns. When you visit the website, you'll also see various subtle animations that accompany some patterns.

Create asymmetrical pattern

The most beautiful things about better coffee come from symmetry. Use this to build symmetric patterns, as used in "For Better Coffee". Draw an imaginary line along your page edge. Do you see a similarity between the two sides?

Integrate your pattern with your layout

1407 added background designs to its design. If you choose one of these UI elements, the pattern can change its configuration based upon UI changes that occur as a result of the click on a new UI element.

Use a simple color palette

Pattern Poke Londons are not necessary for an interesting story unless the colors are very vibrant. A basic palette with interesting shapes sometimes produces a lovely shape such as that of the Poke London site.

Use transparency and layers

Garbett Garbett's website has an attractive blue-green pattern with opaque dots. Naturally, the contents of the dots change with each scroll. It is a simple, effective way to spice up bland patterns.

Website Background Image Best Practices

In addition, background images on a website need something else. Let us go over best practices to choose the best background image to help convey brand identity to your audience.

Make text stand out

Website background images need a clear background to allow readers to see text. This can be accomplished through several methods: either using contrasting colors or solid color content background in between text and background images or overlaying images. You may even put text on a darker background image or a lighter background.

Select high-quality images

For background images, the quality is determined by composition resolution and dimensions. The backgrounds of an image have a good amount of negative space and a nice contrast for the text that is overlayed. Image Source website backgrounds must also be 72 pixels/inch, or 2024 pixels wide or 1080 pixels high. 16:9 is considered perfect for web pages and is ideal for websites with minimal image quality.

Ensure images are responsive

A good background image should be responsive and can be used at any screen size without affecting website performance or the user interface. To ensure that your images are responsive, you should:

Have fun

We wish you to have fun with background images on your design journey!

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