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Our strategic SEO expertise propelled Tissimo's online music lessons platform, providing comprehensive audits, authoritative content, and actionable guidance for sustained online visibility.

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Client Overview

Tissimo, a SaaS platform offering online music lessons, approached us to enhance their online presence. Their innovative platform connects students with skilled instructors for virtual music lessons, complete with features like virtual classrooms and instrument notepads.

Project Objective and SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization

Our task was to kickstart Tissimo's journey in search engine optimization (SEO). They sought to establish themselves as a leading authority in the online music lesson domain but were unsure how to begin.

Comprehensive Website Audit

We conducted extensive website audits using various tools to identify and correct a range of SEO issues. This included toxic backlink research, backlink audits, and exploring link-building opportunities.

Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research

We provided Tissimo with a detailed competitor analysis and comprehensive keyword research, laying the groundwork for their SEO strategy.

Creating a Topical Authority Map

Utilizing the keyword research, we developed a topical authority map for Tissimo. This strategic guide aimed to establish their authority in Google for targeted keywords.

Implementation and Knowledge Transfer

Blog Content Creation

We crafted several high-ranking blog articles on diverse topics, setting a benchmark for Tissimo's future content creation.

SEO Guidance and SOPs

The main goal of writing these articles was to provide Tissimo with a clear structure and set of procedures (SOPs) to create effective, SEO-optimized content independently.

Results and Impact

Enhanced SEO Foundation

Through our efforts, Tissimo gained a solid foundation in SEO, equipped with the knowledge and tools to continue their SEO journey successfully.

Sustainable SEO Practices

The guidance and strategies we provided have enabled Tissimo to sustain and build upon their SEO efforts, ensuring long-term online visibility and authority.


This case study highlights our role in transforming Tissimo’s SEO approach, from initial audits and strategy development to content creation and knowledge transfer. Our comprehensive SEO services have not only improved Tissimo’s current online presence but also empowered them with the skills to continue their SEO success independently.

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