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The case of a family-owned civil engineering company with 20 years of existence but with zero online presence. They decided to get to the top of Google with the help of TRAVLRD.

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About the Client

Our client, Safar Bau offers comprehensive solutions in the civil engineering industry such as flat and house renovation, insulation, masonry and tiling works, etc. The family business has been up and running for nearly two decades and they usually got their new clients through referrals and some offline advertisements in the local newspapers. However, in this way, the volume of the orders was fluctuating too much and that’s a huge challenge given they have a complete team of employees. 

Safar Bau contracted us for not less than creating the best website in the construction / civil engineering industry in Hungary and getting to the top of the search results for the relevant keywords (well, at least this is how we translated their request „to get a stable volume of orders from the internet” on a long-term basis).  

The Challenges

The challenges we faced in this project included understanding the unique needs and characteristics of the civil engineering industry as well as effectively communicating and coordinating with Safar Bau as a client who had limited digital expertise. Additionally, Safar Bau's main challenges were having no online presence and inconsistent volume of orders.

The Solution

  1. Our Concept 
  2. Building a Robust, SEO-Optimized Website 
  3. Backlink Building
  4. Blogposts
  5. Google Ads
  6. Ranking Tracking in Zutrix

The Implementation

1. Our Concept

During the initial consultation session, they explained their need to establish an online presence and acquire clients primarily through Google search, as social media was not a relevant channel for them. Based on this information, we proposed creating a much larger website than typically found in the civil engineering industry, with a focus on SEO optimization, publishing a high volume of blog posts, and running paid Google ads until the website reaches the top of search result pages. This strategy required a significant initial investment but would ultimately lead to a steady flow of new clients without the need for continued ad spend.

2. Building a Robust, SEO-Optimized Website 

2.1 Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis performed with SEMrush

Utilizing online tools like SEMrush, we identified top-performing websites in the same industry that were ranking for similar keywords as our client. This competitor analysis allowed us to gain valuable insights about opportunities for improvement and ways to differentiate the client's website. The most important finding was that the design of the websites in this industry is way behind the trends, often lacking aesthetics, and in most cases, it’s seriously outdated. So, this is an area where our website can stand out.

2.2 Web Design

The main focus was on building a robust and SEO-optimized website with a modern and visually appealing design. The website consists of around 70 pages (and growing), featuring a sleek web design with large images and numerous animations to create a premium user experience. The web design style used on the website is a combination of Monochrome and Big & Bold styles.

2.3 Keyword Research

In collaboration with Safar Bau, a finalized list of relevant, high-intent key phrases was developed. This list of keywords was then used to help guide the Safar Bau homepage content as well as the meta titles and meta descriptions.

2.4 SEO Content Writing

Search engine optimized content written in Neuronwriter

Utilizing an SEO content writer tool (NeuronWriter), we were able to create better content (higher content score) on all the pages compared to the top 10 Google competitors. Additionally, 10 initial blog posts were created to further improve the website's search engine rankings. The website's link structure was also optimized using a Priority SILO (same as Advanced Reverse Silo) approach to effectively distribute link juice and drive traffic to all pages.

2.5 Optimize Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions

To optimize the website's visibility on search engine results pages, we focused on crafting compelling meta titles and meta descriptions that accurately reflected the content of each webpage. This strategy helped to improve the website's click-through rate and drive more targeted traffic to the site.

3. Backlink Building

Instead of quantity our target was building quality backlinks for Safar Bau. After researching related websites in the civil engineering industry, we contacted them via cold emails and cold calls, providing the chance to guest posting to their sites. The result is relevant backlinks that are valuable for Google.

We also got some backlinks from the design award sites where Safar Bau won prizes. 

4. Blog Creation and Optimization

4.1 Relevant Blog Topics

To further increase Safar Bau’s rankings and later on maintain its top position in Google, we agreed to provide regular new blog posts and updates to the existing posts. We started with a comprehensive list of keywords and subjects that would be beneficial for their intended audience.

4.2 Creating a Content Strategy - Topical Map

Topical map for content creating strategy

After determining the most appropriate and competitive blog topics for Safar Bau, we began constructing a content marketing strategy optimized for keywords. A six-month content schedule was created, which included 5 keyword-optimized pieces per month. 

4.3 Creating SEO-friendly Blog Content

All the blog articles were written with an SEO content writer tool (NeuronWriter) so the client also has the chance to see the content scores compared to the competitors’ best via the view-only link we provide for each article. 

5. Google Ads

Google Ads results of Safar Bau

Initially, we needed paid advertisements to further boost the website's visibility and drive targeted traffic. So, we set up Google Ads campaigns using the most relevant keywords for the current season. This strategy allowed us to reach potential customers who were actively searching for products or services related to our client's business. Additionally, the campaigns were tailored to fit the client's budget to ensure cost-effective results.

6. Ranking Tracking in Zutrix

Monitoring the progress of SEO with Zutrix

Monitoring the progress of SEO campaigns and providing transparent reporting to clients is a core aspect of our strategy. To achieve this, we use Zutrix as our preferred tool, which offers detailed historical data on keyword rankings and updates them daily. Our client, Safar Bau, receives a comprehensive report every month and also has access to their Zutrix panel through a view-only link, allowing them to check the status of specific keywords at any time. Additionally, the tool tracks backlinks in real time, displaying the number of backlinks, the domain and page authority of the linking websites and pages, and any potential spam backlinks.


After the launch of the website, Safar Bau's design was recognized and awarded four prizes at web design competitions (see more about this here). In just four months, the website began to consistently rank among the top three search results for various keywords that we optimized for, resulting in a steady influx of 25-30 calls per month. Their lead-to-close ratio is around 20%, resulting in an average of 5-6 new clients per month solely from organic search on Google. Additionally, the website's monthly visitor count continued to grow - and is still very much on a rise.

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