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In this case study, we explore how we developed a custom, dynamic nearshoring calculator for Nextshore, effectively blending complex coding with Webflow's user-friendly platform.

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Client Overview

Nextshore, a pioneering firm specializing in nearshoring tech talent from Latin America to the U.S., sought our expertise to enhance their service offering. Their unique business model involves identifying, vetting, and hiring top-notch talent for clients, focusing on maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.

The Challenge

Nextshore approached us with a challenging yet exciting project: to develop a complex, custom-coded nearshoring calculator within Webflow. The primary challenge lay in balancing the intricacies of custom code with the user-friendly editing capabilities of Webflow, enabling the client to autonomously manage the calculator’s content.

Our Strategic Approach

Complex Calculator Development

We designed and implemented a sophisticated calculator that allows users to estimate their savings from nearshoring. This tool became a crucial lead magnet for Nextshore, showcasing potential cost efficiencies in real-time.

Custom Coding within Webflow

To maintain the client’s ability to edit content without technical expertise, we skillfully integrated custom code within the Webflow environment. This approach ensured the calculator was not only functional but also easily manageable.

Dynamic Currency and Data Management

Our calculator features real-time currency conversion, updating every 15 minutes, and allows users to select from various predefined currencies and base locations. The calculator dynamically displays average current and nearshore salaries, offering an interactive and informative experience.

Project Execution and Results

User-Friendly Interface with Complex Functionality

The calculator we built enables users to select positions, compare salaries between current and nearshore locations, and determine team sizes. It calculates and displays the potential monthly and annual savings from nearshoring, providing valuable insights to users.

Empowering Client Autonomy

We ensured that all elements of the calculator, including locations, positions, and currencies, can be edited directly in Webflow CMS by Nextshore’s team, fostering independence and ease of management. To provide that they'll have a good time working with our complex calculator solution, we gave them a comprehensive video guide that they can revisit anytime.

Impactful Outcome

A Strong Lead Magnet

The nearshoring calculator has become a pivotal tool for Nextshore, attracting and engaging potential clients by quantifying their potential savings.

Enhanced Client Capability

By empowering our client with a tool that they can manage and update independently, we've provided them with a long-term, sustainable digital asset.

Our Ongoing Support

Following the successful launch, we continue to offer support and guidance to Nextshore, ensuring the calculator remains an effective and accurate tool for their business needs. Since our partnership turned out to be a great success, we have future upcoming project from them, on which they count on us.

In Conclusion

This case study exemplifies our capacity to navigate complex technical custom software development challenges and deliver solutions that are both sophisticated and user-friendly. Our collaboration with Nextshore highlights our commitment to innovative problem-solving and our ability to empower clients with tools that drive their business forward.

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