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The case of a solo artist band with years of experience behind, but with the fresh idea to create a full-time business with the help of digital marketing.

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About the Client

Our client, HP Music is a solo artist band whose front man is Peter. HP Music’s service is live music for weddings, birthday parties, and other gatherings in Hungary, mainly for foreigners. He started around 10 years ago but only in recent years has he switched to the English-speaking foreign community in Hungary. In the beginning, it was a side business with just a Facebook page. Peter regularly posted in related Facebook groups and new clients mostly contacted HP Music on Facebook or by referrals. 

Peter contacted us to get a professional-looking website that can showcase his catchy performance images and gain credibility. Most musicians don't have a website in Hungary, Western foreigners, however, expect to see a website of a serious business before contracting them. Peter’s idea with the website was to establish a solid brand name among the target audience, and gain as many new clients as possible within one year time so that later on he can carry on the activity securely full-time, getting new clients mainly through referrals.  

The Challenges

One of the main challenges in creating the HP Music website was to convey a sense of trust and at the same time transmit a friendly and cheerful tone that would be appropriate for the website's focus on birthday parties and weddings. Additionally, we needed to effectively advertise the lead generation form to encourage user engagement and conversion. Another challenge we faced was with the user experience on the landing page, specifically with the design and placement of the lead generation form to ensure maximum visibility and ease of use for visitors.

The Solution

  1. Our Concept
  2. Landing Page 
  3. Lead Generation Form 
  4. E-newsletter Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing

The Implementation

1. Our Concept

Peter booked a free consultation session to talk with us so we can understand his objective, timeframe, and budget. After the acceptance of our quote and signing the contract, we jumped on his case right away. Our strategy was the following:

Creating a Landing page with the focus of getting visitors subscribed to a newsletter. The landing page would receive the visitors from a targeted Social Media Marketing Campaign. The newsletter would build trust and drive sales, together with the SMM campaign.

2. Landing Page 

HP music landing page on a mobile screen

Since his main objective was to generate as many leads as possible, we decided to create a landing page for him with a lead generation form. The purpose of this form was to create a strong pool of potential clients who are subscribed to his newsletter so he can send them updates and offers regularly by email. 

We integrated Peter’s demo material (10 songs with titles) as a playlist into the landing page. This served as a teaser so visitors can get a sense of Peter’s music style, and the kind of songs that he plays at a wedding or a birthday party.

3. Lead Generation Form 

Observation of the activity of the landing page visitors using Hotjar

We needed to observe the activity of the landing page visitors to adjust the layout (texts, colors, and elements) according to their preferences. We used Hotjar for this purpose which is a user experience analytics tool that allows website owners to understand how visitors interact with their website. It provides heatmaps, visitor recordings, and other analytics that can help website owners optimize the user experience. 

The objective was to guide as many visitors through the page from the simple visitor status to getting engaged and finally to filling in the form and becoming subscribers, as possible. The UX implementation of this on both desktop and mobile especially was a challenge due to a lot of scrolling needed to reach the submit / subscribe button.

To encourage form submission and newsletter subscriptions, we offered a gift of a free private musical event by HP Music, that would be drawn between 2 subscribers. 

4. E-newsletter Marketing

E-newsletter subscribers overview

We used e-newsletter marketing to build relationships with potential clients by providing valuable information and insights. The idea was that social media is for sharing photos and videos, and the newsletter is for more in-depth stories where people can learn more about Peter’s way of managing the events, lessons about what can go wrong, and inspiration. This way HP Music was able to send weekly emails to the subscribers with relevant content, offers, and promotions to encourage contacts and bookings. The goal was to keep HP Music top of mind for the customers, build trust and drive sales.

5. Social Media Marketing

Musician singing and playing the guitar at an event

Facebook and Instagram ads were set up targeting English-speaking foreigners living permanently in Hungary. We created three ad creative and ad copy alternatives, and after Peter’s approval, the campaign was launched, aiming for a high amount of website (landing page) clicks from relevant target group. After the first 2 days of A/B testing, we continued with the best cost-per-click variant, a video of Peter playing at a birthday party. 


As a result of the social media campaign that drove traffic to the landing page, and the UX focus of the landing page to encourage form submission and reach the maximum number of newsletter subscribers, in 30 days more than 150 people have subscribed to HP Music’s newsletter. According to his offer, two of them won a free private music event from Peter. 

The social media campaign and the newsletters together resulted that in about 60 days HP Music’s calendar got fully booked for the whole upcoming year. 

Next project

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