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The case of Epyx Creative, a new venture specializing in an eclectic mix of digital editing, visualization, translation, and graphic design. In this case study we’ll discuss the process of build a cutting-edge digital platform capable of displaying Epyx's vast array of services, all while showcasing its core value of captivating visuals.

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About the Client

Epyx Creative, based in Budapest, Hungary, aspired to have its first website - a modern, user-friendly platform that would effectively highlight its diverse services. Their offerings range from professional translation and editing to desktop publishing (DTP), graphic design, photography, memory building, computer-assisted translation (CAT), and IT support. As a small, ambitious firm looking to make its mark, Epyx sought a digital presence that would align with its innovative approach and broad capabilities.

The goal was to create a seamless user experience that melded aesthetic appeal and operational simplicity, without compromising on-site speed across all devices. The balance between showcasing the complexity of services and maintaining a clean, efficient website was the puzzle we were set to solve.

Our client said:
“The website turned out very good, we are satisfied. We worked super well together. Thank you for your fair attitude and quick reactions all along, it was a pleasure to work with you!” – Laszlo Bartok, Epyx Creative

Challenges Encountered

The first challenge of this project was designing an interactive and engaging digital platform that could showcase Epyx's broad range of services without overwhelming its visitors. This needed to be done in a way that effectively communicated the company's unique selling propositions and helped it stand out in a highly competitive digital market.

Additionally, we had to strike a balance between a professional, clean interface and the use of creative, visually appealing design elements. The initial idea was to incorporate exciting animations to draw in users, but we also had to consider site simplicity and loading speed. Ultimately, our task was to weave all these aspects into a cohesive website that effectively represented Epyx's brand and services.

The Solution

  1. Technology: Webflow with custom JavaScript and JQuery
  2. UI/UX: Multilingual one-pager website with dark and light mode
  3. Responsive website with plenty of custom features and effects

The Implementation

Development Technology and Design

The client provided us with the UI/UX design for the website, which was to be developed as a one-page site. Our technology of choice was Webflow, supplemented by a significant amount of custom JavaScript and JQuery. This allowed us to create a responsive, SEO-optimized website tailored to Epyx's needs.

User Experience and Visual Design

Our main focus was on delivering a user-friendly interface that made the website easy to navigate, with clear categories for each service. We incorporated high-quality graphics and visuals to better communicate Epyx's services and offerings, ensuring a visually engaging experience. The website was designed to be multi-lingual, catering to Epyx's diverse client base.

Custom Features and Effects

We developed a loading screen using only CSS and JavaScript, with no Lottie animations. This loading screen, like the rest of the website, is responsive at all breakpoints, ensuring optimal performance across all devices. The website features numerous text animations, including fly in/out, blur, move effects, fade in/out, and hover effects.

We also implemented a custom cursor that smoothly follows the cursor movement, changing its style when hovered over links. It expands, becomes bold, and applies a different blending mode to the text behind it. To add a unique touch, we gave the website's background a grain effect, creating a subtle vibration similar to old televisions. Finally, we designed a flawless dark and light mode switch, ensuring the same stunning visual experience in both modes.


Client and User Feedback

The newly developed website received an abundance of positive feedback from clients and users. This feedback highlighted the effective user interface, the visual aesthetics, and the ease of navigation, showing that our design efforts were well-received by the end users.

Recognition and Awards

In recognition of our exceptional design work, the website was awarded the "King Of The Day" title on the 20th of June, 2023 by TopDesignKing. This award is a testament to the quality of our work, and the innovative design choices made throughout the project.

The "King Of The Day" award by TopDesignKing is a commendation given to the best website designs, acknowledging the effort, talent, and sacrifices made in their creation. It serves as a motivation for designers to keep pushing the boundaries of creativity. Winning designs are highlighted on the TopDesignKing homepage, giving them significant exposure in the design community. The award methodology involves a comprehensive evaluation of design, usability, content, and functionality. Only high-quality and imaginative websites are selected for this honor.

Future Collaboration

The client expressed extreme satisfaction with our work, and discussions are already underway for further collaboration. This next stage of our partnership will focus on SEO, to improve the new website's organic search rankings. This continued collaboration is a testament to the success of our initial project and the strong relationship we've built with the client. Thank you, Epyx for your trust.

Next project

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