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In this case study, we delve into how we managed a Facebook ad campaign and developed a multilingual landing page for AlcoHome, generating substantial traffic to assess market demand for an innovative alcohol delivery service in Egypt.

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Client Overview

AlcoHome emerged as a startup concept aimed at addressing the unique demand for alcohol delivery in the tourist resort town of Hurgada, Egypt. Catering to a significant expatriate community, the idea was to create a mobile application facilitating easy access to alcoholic beverages in a region where availability is limited.

Project Genesis and Challenge

The project's goal was to assess market interest for such an application. Positioned in a predominantly Muslim country, the challenge was to gauge the demand among the town's considerable foreign population, including Russians, Ukrainians, and Germans.

Our Approach

Market Research Landing Page

We developed a multilingual landing page that communicated the concept of the AlcoHome app. The page was designed to tell the story of the application and to inform visitors about the variety of alcoholic beverages planned for delivery.

Analytics-Driven Interest Gauge

The primary call to action, "I'm Interested," was set up to trigger Google Analytics tracking, allowing us to measure visitor interest effectively.

Multilingual Accessibility

Recognizing the diverse demographic, the landing page was made available in English, German, and Russian, ensuring wide accessibility.

Engaging Visuals and Mockups

We included appealing graphics, images of potential products, and phone mockups of the proposed app design to give visitors a tangible sense of the application.

Project Outcome

Insightful Data Collection

Through the landing page, we collected valuable data regarding potential user interest, helping the client make an informed decision on the project’s viability.

Informed Business Decision

Despite the innovative concept, the market research indicated that the demand was insufficient to justify further development. The client decided not to proceed with the full application development.


This project exemplifies our ability to create targeted digital solutions for market validation. While the application did not progress to full development, our work provided crucial insights into market interest, demonstrating our flexibility and expertise in adapting digital strategies to unique business challenges.

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