Maciej Kolber

Full-Stack Developer

As a seasoned Senior Full Stack Developer, I've recently embarked on a new chapter with TRAVLRD LLC, channeling my expertise towards crafting uniquely designed web solutions that not only fulfill business objectives but also enhance user satisfaction. With a rich trajectory of leading significant projects at prior engagements like Fortunes Tech and mkodo, my journey now continues at TRAVLRD, dedicated to melding business goals with stellar user experiences.

Maciej Kolber

I am Maciej Kolber, a dedicated Senior Full Stack Developer currently contributing my extensive skills to TRAVLRD LLC, a firm well-versed in delivering top-notch web design, development, and online marketing services. My academic foundation was laid at the Warsaw School of Computer Science, post which my professional voyage commenced at VectorTech in Warsaw as a Junior Frontend Developer.

My career path saw a steady ascent with roles of increasing responsibility at NATEK, where I initially served as a Front End Developer and later as a Web Developer, spearheading pivotal e-commerce and SPA projects. The journey then led me to London with mkodo, where my expertise significantly impacted an online education platform that catered to millions of users weekly.

A defining juncture in my career was my tenure as a Senior Full Stack Developer at Fortunes Tech in Goffstown, US. During this period, I played a crucial role in modernizing web application architectures, optimizing database performances, and leading the development of e-commerce websites from scratch. My leadership not only facilitated project success but also provided a nurturing environment for less experienced team members.

Now at TRAVLRD LLC, I am at the helm of developing custom-designed websites, optimizing user experiences through the latest UI/UX methods, and ensuring seamless operation and maintenance of web platforms for a diverse clientele. My role extends beyond coding, as I engage closely with clients to comprehend and translate their brand ethos into the digital realm, playing a pivotal role in establishing and enhancing their online presence.

My profound understanding of numerous programming languages and technical stacks, paired with my unrelenting zeal for staying abreast of industry trends, positions me as a valuable asset to TRAVLRD LLC and its clientele. My professional journey and extensive skills are well-documented on my GitHub and LinkedIn profiles, reflecting my unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality software solutions and my readiness to embrace new challenges in the evolving digital landscape.

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