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The case of a solopreneurship venture based in the HVAC industry, with most clients referred through local area connections. Recognizing that its growth would necessitate a steady influx of new clients, we partnered to establish a robust online presence for Manoklima.

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About the Client

When we started working together, ManoKlima’s services included electrical works, air conditioner, and heat pump-related works, with a focus on AC-related services. Since then, its operations expanded and it also offers the installation of security camera systems, and IT network building services. Lorant’s contracts were mainly from the greater local area, occasionally from the capital as well. He was starting to gain recognition locally and had a growing number of business requests and returning customers. Taking advantage of the momentum, he was gaining new qualifications, for example for industrial air conditioner maintenance. The entrepreneur aspired to build something solid that can support his family in the long term.

Our client said:
“They previously created a website, I was very satisfied with their work as it turned out really great. That's why I decided to sign a contract with local SEO and achieve more and more success. I am very grateful for their work and I strongly recommend them.” – Lorant Polya, Manoklima

Challenges Encountered

The primary challenge was the saturated HVAC market and the competitiveness of relevant keywords. The top-ranking websites for HVAC-related keywords were not only visually appealing but also rich in content. Additionally, Manoklima had no previous online presence, and Lorant lacked familiarity with online marketing strategies. However, having seen the transformation of another client (SafarBau) in a similar situation, Lorant placed his trust in our process.

The Solution

  1. Our Concept
  2. Mobile-first, SEO-Optimized Website
  3. Local SEO
  4. Blog Creation and Optimization
  5. SEO Tracking and Reporting

The Implementation

1. Our Concept

Our strategy involved a modest investment in global SEO, due to the high-level competition, and a steady buildup of content over the following year. We initiated the process with four SEO-optimized blog articles each month, aimed at ranking for long-tail target keywords relevant to Manoklima's services, which include electrical works, air conditioner, and heat pump-related works, with a focus on AC-related services. When the website got ready and the client was satisfied with our work, he contracted us for Local SEO as well.

2. Mobile-first, SEO-Optimized Website

Competitor Analysis

As a very first step, we looked at Google’s TOP10 results for the keywords most relevant to Manoklima. Our complex SEO tool, SEMrush provided invaluable insights into the competitors' online presence. By looking at these successful websites, we found ways to improve and make our client's website stand out.

Web Design

Aligning with current trends, we developed a mobile-first website design, characterized by elements like larger font sizes, simplified navigation, and swift loading times. The website comprised a homepage, About Us, Blog, and Contact Us pages, along with three service pages. The Contact Us page was integrated with a contact form, Messenger for live chat, and Google Maps. The service pages were optimized for search engines based on our keyword research.

3. Local SEO

Given the nature of the business, our major focus was on local SEO. We aimed to place in the 'local 3-pack' of Google search results. This is the section of search results in Google that appear under the map section if someone searches for the given keywords in the given region, for example, 'air conditioner maintenance Cegléd' (where 'Cegléd' is the city where Manoklima is located). The reason why getting into the ‘local3-pack’ is essential is that it possesses a whopping 66% of the clicks, and the rest of the websites get only the remaining 34%. The same applies to searches on Google Maps itself, ie. the local 3-pack is the king.

Our local SEO steps included:

  • Optimization of Manoklima's Google My Business Account: This includes writing keyword-optimized descriptions, and checking that all business data is correct and properly filled in.
  • Creation of 10-15 pieces of optimized content as Google My Business posts.
  • Implementation of schema markup on the website: Since search engines love schema markup, we implemented code such as '@schema_zip: 2700' - a code that tells search engines explicitly that Manoklima is (also) working in a municipality with postal code 2700 (Manoklima's location).
  • Placement of local keywords on certain pages of the website: we inserted the target locations of Manoklima in both the visible content and the alt and meta or OG titles and descriptions.
  • Local backlink building: we listed Manoklima on locally relevant pages, citation pages, and registries, which gave (local) credibility to the website in Google's eyes. Besides supporting our local SEO efforts, this also fosters the global SEO rankings of the website.
  • Requesting Google Reviews from former clients: we contacted several of Manoklima's former customers and asked them to write reviews including a few SEO-optimized keywords.

4. Blog Creation and Optimization

Content strategy or Topical Authority Map of

The content creation process commenced with extensive keyword research, based on which we developed a Content Strategy or Topical Authority Map. This is a logical structure that organizes the keywords according to search hierarchy and search volume so that the long(er) tail keywords with lower search volume are at a lower level of the structure/’content tree’ and are supporting short(er) tail keywords with bigger search volume at higher levels of the structure. This is a highly complex and very important step in the SEO process, especially nowadays in the age of AI-based  SEO content writing. Having a high volume of SEO blog articles without the right structure and topical relevance will not bring results.

The SEO tool NeuronWriter was employed to ensure that our content consistently outperformed the best of Google's TOP10 competitors.

SEO content writing in neuronwriter by travlrd

5. SEO Tracking and Reporting

We utilized SEMrush for real-time tracking of our SEO efforts and for sending detailed, transparent monthly reports to Manoklima, which included backlink analytics and keyword rankings.


Promising results were showing up consistently:

  • Manoklima receiving the 'Site of the Day' design award from on the 27th of March.
  • Ranking in Google's TOP100 organic search results for relevant keywords from the third month onward.
  • The website’s traffic steadily climbing up.
  • Achieving placement in the local 3-pack for all six targeted local keywords within a month of initiating our local SEO efforts.
Local SEO results: Manoklima in the local 3-pack for "AC maintenance" keyword

In a testament to Lorant's satisfaction and trust in our work, he requested two additional service pages a few months into our partnership, extending Manoklima's services to the installation of security camera systems, and IT network building services. The owner was also able to hire two more employees to cope with the growing number of service requests.

We’re happy about Manoklima’s success and are pleased to assist in its upcoming business growth phases. We’re sure that the company will attain those soon enough.

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